Jean David (ELEGEM) was elected Corresponding Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences for his work on drosophilas on evolutionary mechanisms, adaptation and speciation. His collaborations lead him to frequent stays in Brazil.

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Frédéric Méry (EPCC)’s team work on social transmission  in Drosophila groups  was quoted in the radio show of Jean-Claude Ameisen « Sur les épaules de Darwin » saturday the 22 november 2014.

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Saving black bees

Lionel Garnery (Evolbee) gave an interview to the Midi Libre newspaper. He explained why it is important to keep the black bees which are better adapted to their environment than imported species although they do not produce as much honey. He also gave hints about what is planned to protect these black bees.

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Just published

Quentin Helleu, Pierre Gérard and Catherine Montchamp-Moreau (GERAD) wrote the chapter “Sex chromosome meiotic drive” in the book ” The genetics and biology of sexual conflict”, published by William Rice and Sergey Gavrilets (just published in the collection Cold Spring Harbor Perspective in Biology ).

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News about the foraging gene

Floriane Chardonnet (DEEIT)’s article in Journal of Experimental Biology is published. This publication is accompanied by an introductory text by a journalist.

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