Postdoc in environmental demogenetics

The flagship project of BASC labex aiming to improve adaptive capacities of socioecosystems is providing a 2 years postdoctoral position starting in september 2014 in the area of demogenetics.

The researcher will by based in the DEEIT team of CNRS / IRD laboratory LEGS/ BEI in Gif-sur-Yvette, and its activities will be held in collaboration with BASC teams.


Species distribution and their response to global changes result from both neutral spatial dynamic processes and environmental niche processes related to socioecosystem. Population genetic data harbor information on both processes and improvements in model based statistical analysis of genetic distributions could help putting them together in order to develop more realistic models of species responses to environment.

The candidate should have an experience in statistical inference, bayesian or frequentist, and markov chains.


The researcher will develop in collaboration with population biologists and biostatisticians of Paris-Saclay IDEX, a bioinformatic tool for the inference of statistical models from genetic and environmental data available on insects, plants, and plant pathogens, in BASC labex teams.

Recruitment will last 2 years and should start in September 2014. Please send CV, motivation letter and recommendation letters before july 15th 2014 to and

For more information on specific activities to be held, please contact Stéphane Dupas , tel. +33 169823725,



Back from Africa

Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) is back after a two months job in Gabon and in Cameroun. He fostered many projects such as a Field School in North-West Cameroun in Oku, or the beginning of the pHD of Mr. Jean de Matha Ndengué financed by the Coopération française, …) and participated in the teaching at the field school Ecotrop La Lopé. He also collationed insects in the WongaWongué protected area. Time was too swift!

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At the head of FRB

Jean-François Silvain (DEEIT) was nominated as President of the Fondation pour la Recherche en Biodiversité (FRB).

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