A book about the beginning of evolutive genetics

couverture livre LEGS    A book about LEGS and its relation with the beginning of genetics in France has been published under the direction of Laurent Loison. It is based on the acts of the colloquie which was held in Gif-sur-Yvette in September 2012.

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Bees on air

Lionel Garnery (EVOLBEE) was on air on radio Classique the 27th of June. The program was about black bees and the bee conservatoire and sustainable development.

To listen to the program please click here.

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Back from Africa

Philippe Le Gall (DEEIT) is back after a two months job in Gabon and in Cameroun. He fostered many projects such as a Field School in North-West Cameroun in Oku, or the beginning of the pHD of Mr. Jean de Matha Ndengué financed by the Coopération française, …) and participated in the teaching at the field school Ecotrop La Lopé. He also collationed insects in the WongaWongué protected area. Time was too swift!

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At the head of FRB

Jean-François Silvain (DEEIT) was nominated as President of the Fondation pour la Recherche en Biodiversité (FRB).

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